Homosexual Adoptions

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Homosexual Adoptions

There are many homosexuals are not afraid of facing the society anymore. More and more same sex couples are "out of closet" and started to adopt children and form families. People usually consider gays and lesbians are abnormal of the norm in society, but we must ask ourselves the question: are they truly abnormal that lacks of the ability of good parenting? If people think this question carefully, they will find out that homosexuals are just like everyone else in the society except their sexual orientation. Up until now, people are gradually beginning to accept this type of behavior. Since 1990s, public and civil rights leaders began to debate the controversy of homosexual adoptions but many of them are still being denied by the adoption organizations. That means millions of children are losing the opportunity of being adopted and being in a family for their lives every year.

Therefore, I find it unnecessary to restrict any rights and desires to adopt and raise children in families for homosexuals.

According to the adoption agency, they are looking for good qualities in a foster home such as financially, security, emotional stability and proper role models. For those people who are against homosexual adoptions, they might argue that gays and lesbians are not the proper role models for children, as the kid of two gay fathers would not have a mother role and a father role for the lesbian couple. Although both sides are seeking to provide children stable homes, there are still many disagreements between the sides of supporting and opposing side.

There are studies about homosexual adoptions since early 1990s. Homosexual couples are seeking more equaled rights toward gays and lesbians. Homosexual adoptions have been going through so many difficulties from the past until now.

The ways to solve the problem are either educates people not to be prejudice against the homosexuals, and tell them how they are the same as everyone else, or set a law that accepts homosexual adoptions.

I first saw this related article in the Newsweek magazine published around fall, 2003. Instead of homosexual adoptions, the topic of the article was about gay marriage. In there, it talked about homosexual equal rights and the adoption problems they have faced. The other book I've found is called, 21st Century Gay by John Malone, published in 2000. Although the information in Newsweek is short in depth, but two of the sources are considered trustworthy because both of them were found in the library, and had certain reputation behind it.

I changed my topic to homosexual adoption because of my cousin. He is a gay and he is interested in those gay rights topics such as homosexual marriage/adoption. Since homosexual marriage is a topic that is too board to search for, I decided to help him on finding more information on homosexual adoptions. I also wanted to help him because I saw the hardship he had went through as a gay man. The unequal treatment and prejudice has really discouraged him from being who he really wants to be.