Homosexual Adoptions.

Essay by speedegril August 2005

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Imagine yourself as a person who

has a nice home, a good job, religious faith, and a loving

relationship with another person of the same sex. The first three

things in the previous sentence would almost indefinitely make

you a good prospect to be a parent of an adopted child. These

are the main things that adoption agencies look for in a parent's

background. However, the last thing mentioned would (in most

states) immediately eliminate you from being able to adopt a child.

This angers many people who see themselves as good people

who could be good parents to those children who have no

families and are up for adoption. Homosexuals argue that

parenting is about responsibility and commitment, not sexual

orientation. They also argue that legislation has no real reasons

behind passing the anti-homosexual adoption law, besides their

own personal biases behind homosexuality. Gay and lesbian

people have searched for reasoning behind the law and have

only found that there are no REAL reasons.

First of all, there have

not been any studies done and proved that children of gay or

lesbian parents are disadvantaged in any significant respect

relative to children of heterosexual parents. There is no evidence

at all that sexual preference of adults in the home has any

detrimental impact on children. Little difference exists in the

overall mental health of children raised in homosexual

households. And once again, the quality of parenting, not the

parents sexual orientation, is the most crucial factor for a child's

healthy growth and development. Homosexuals strongly believe

that the anti-homosexual adoption legislation is an attack against

gay and lesbian people. But in all reality it is a bigger attack on

the behalf of children who have no family or home. They argue

that of the 500,000 children in...