Homosexual: Born Gay or Learned Behavior?

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Homosexual: Born Gay or Learned Behavior?Homosexuality can refer to both sexual behavior and sexual attraction between people of the same gender or to a sexual orientation. When describing a sexual orientation, it refers to enduring sexual and romantic attraction toward others of the same sex, but does not necessarily involve sexual behavior. In helping people overcome homosexuality, we’ve found that many are in confusion about what homosexuality actually is. There is no agreement among the scientific community, religious groups or homosexual people themselves as to the definition of homosexuality.

Ever since, many have criticized being gay. To others, they consider being gay as a mortal sin. Others only realized that they are gay when they are only adults, but to others, since they are young child. At times like this, the differences of beliefs about homosexuality depend on age. For example, older people stick to a more conservative belief while on the other hand; the youth are already on the liberal side.

It is a fact that viewpoints about homosexuality are divided into two types: the conservative viewpoint, and the liberal viewpoint. Religious groups basically promote the conservative viewpoint of homosexuality. The liberal viewpoint is composed of gays, lesbians, human sexuality researchers, and religious liberals.

From the conservative viewpoint, homosexuality is something that one does for any personal reasons and it is a chosen lifestyle. According to them, causes of homosexuality are poor parenting, sexual molestation during childhood, and addiction, which later on changes their lifestyle.

Another point of conservative group is that homosexuality is practiced during teenage years if the person chooses to be homosexual because to them, it is an unnatural or abnormal unexpected behavior. The choice to change sexuality is considered a sin to religious groups because to them, God hates homosexuals because they are sinful. According...