Homosexual Marriages In the U.S. Should be Legalized

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Legalization of homosexual marriages is a topic that is discussed in the U.S. more than ever before. The gay population is spread all over the world and it has existed since the world existed. Members of the gay population in the U.S. have fought for their rights and for legalization of their marriages for years. Not giving them a right for a legal marriage should be compared with any other kind of discrimination. In my opinion, homosexual marriages in the U.S. should be legalized because homosexual couples want to get married as much as heterosexual couples for a number of reasons.

Many people who are against a legalization of gay marriages say, "Just give gays a civil union." They think that it's enough to let them live in civil unions without giving them equal rights that heterosexual couples have. However, a legal marriage would give homosexuals many benefits that they currently don't have.

Unlike a civil union, a legal marriage is an institution that gives a legal protection and a legal obligation for married couples. Different from a civil union, a legal marriage is a gateway to an enormous number of legal protections, responsibilities, and benefits. Since they live together, earn goods together, and support each other the same way that heterosexuals do, they should have all benefits that only a legal marriage could give them. Marriage is legal contract between partners that would guarantee those equal benefits such as spousal insurance, death benefits etc. Currently, in the case of death of one of the partners, the other partner is not allowed to get any of benefits such as pension or life insurance that would provide him/her to continue with financially normal living. Giving them a right to legalize their unions, they would be provided with benefits to live normally...