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I remember with I was ten years old and first realized I was gay. Being attracted to the same sax was not something I was proud of; so I didn't tell a soul. I did not understand why being gay was such a big deal to everyone. I can recall going to school and hearing trash talk about gay people and how they are so nasty and dirty for "choosing" to be with the same sex. Now almost ten years later my life is an open book. The reasons behind homosexuality are still up in the air. There is no clear reason why we are the way we are. I know it will take something close to a miracle for people thought out the world to understand homosexuals do not choose to be same sex oriented. Many psychologies and people in general are studying this issue and no one knows when we will find the exact reason.

The word homosexuality first appeared in a German pamphlet in 1869. The word entered the English language two decades later. Around 1900, psychiatry can to view homosexuality as a mental illness. By the 1940's homosexuality was discussed as an aspect of psychopathic, paranoid, and schizoid personality disorders. They actually tried to "treat" homosexuality as if it were some kind of disease. Back then, lesbians were forced to go through hysterectomies and estrogen injections. It had become clear that neither affected their sexual preference. Gay men were subjected to similar abuses. James Harrison's 1992 documentary Changing Our Minds shows a film clip from the last 1940's of a young gay man undergoing a Tran orbital lobotomy. A devise similar to an ice pick is inserted through the eye socket, above the eye ball and into the brain. It is moved back and forth,