Homosexuality Is Not A Choice I was asked to write essays for each side of a controversial topic. I chose homosexuality. This essay is in support of homosexuality.

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Many people seem to have a problem with homosexuals. Many homosexuals experience bullying during their life and are caused to repress their homosexual feelings or urges. They are made to feel guilty about being different from those around them when, in actuality, they cannot control these homosexual thoughts. Many homosexuals would agree that homosexuality is not a choice that one makes. In fact, if homosexuality was a choice, many homosexuals would most likely choose to be heterosexual just to avoid all of the stereotypes and discrimination that comes with being gay (Holloway). With that said, one should not "punish" another because of their sexuality. Being homosexual is as natural to gay people as being heterosexual is to straight people. Homosexuals cannot change who they were born to be because homosexuality is not a choice; it is inevitable.

Most homosexuals would support my theory that homosexuality is something that homosexuals have no choice over.

A friend of mine that happens to be a homosexual agrees with me. His name is Kedrick Holloway and he has been openly gay for about six years now. He reported to me that he remembers always being "different" (Holloway). He even stated that, as a small child, he remembers enjoying activities commonly associated with the opposite sex, such as dolls and toy ovens, and playing jump rope, "house," and hopscotch (Holloway). He also remembers being extremely close to, or clingy, towards his mother. He remembers holding the title as, "Mommy's Little Helper" (Holloway). He was the little boy that would have preferred to help his mother in the kitchen or go shopping with her than to play kickball or wrestle outside with the other little boys. I believe that everyone can identify with having known a little boy that matched this description. By the time he...