Homosexuality: Not Genetics but Rather Preference

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In today's society, the question has arisen of homosexuality being a choice or being pre-programmed into the body. While many members of present society believe that homosexuality is not a choice, but rather a function of genetic code, I believe that it is a result of both personal choice and existing surroundings. Generally speaking, these two conflicting points of view fall into pre-existing political categories. The first choice, or the belief in genetic homosexuality, typically falls within the platform of liberals. The opposing belief, which I concur with, is generally viewed as a more conservative viewpoint. As it turns out, a main group of people that fall into the liberal viewpoints are psychologists and mental health professionals, which leads me to express my opinions on the topic.

There are different beliefs as to what causes homosexuality, with the liberal viewpoint arguing that these tendencies are genetically predetermined with the genes requiring some sort of "triggering" (Beliefs).

I, on the other hand, believe that homosexuality can have many causes, which may include but are not limited to poor parenting, childhood episodes of sexual molestation, or any other ideas on the topic that society may introduce to a particular person. I especially find homosexuality to not be genetic because it is becoming more and more widespread in the current society. Why would all of these people suddenly have homosexual genes within the past five to ten years? I think that as times are changing, people feel more accepted and are comfortable choosing/admitting their tendencies.

Another controversial "branch" on the topic of homosexuality is whether or not somebody can change their inclination to be attracted to those of the same sex. While many in health professions would say that this is unchangeable, I would say that through counseling or prayer...