Homosexuality Religon Vs. Science

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I was raised in a Christian home. When I was young my parents would take me to Sunday school. I would learn all of the Old Testament stories, and sing songs about God and Jesus. My parents never mentioned anything about Homosexuality when I was growing up. I was the youngest and I had two older brothers, who of course thought they were the ones who needed to tell me everything about life. So most of the stuff you are supposes to get from your parents sex talk, I got from my older brothers. When they explain what "Gay" was I didn't really understand at first. I kept asking myself why anyone would want to be like that? When I was in church, I was always taught that Homosexuality was wrong. When anyone would ask why, the answer would be, because the Bible say so. Well that reminds me of when my mother would say, because I said so.

I don't like that answer, I want a reason, and I want some evidence. I really started to understand more when I was in high school and can into contact with people who were Homosexuality. I then decide for myself that Homosexuality was not a choice, but something that is in you. Most religions do not agree with this, which creates the debate Religions Vs. Science. Why are homosexuals the way that they are?

The Christian religions and the Jewish religions are very different, but they are both based on the same principles of the Old Testament. The Christian say that Gods intent that the necessary purpose of the sexual organs is reproduction. Since Homosexual activities cannot result in procreation, such acts are contrary to God's intent and are thus unnatural and prohibited (Francoevr, 42). Today Scientist can play the...