Homosexuals In The Military

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Your Name Enter Your Professor's Name Here Enter Your Course Number Here The Gay Way is Paved Homosexuals are paving the way into combat and like a top secret agent their doing it undercover. With orders from the Commander in Chief to fellow service members to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Pursue"� homosexuals are serving their country. Because of certain prejudice ideology against homosexuals, long-standing military regulations, and fear from persecution things were not changed until recently.

Fear breeds' ignorance, ignorance breeds' racism, Semitism, and prejudice. Homosexuals in society have been shunned as being against the normal "family"� model of husband and wife household. With homosexuals, the model would have two same sex parents. Human nature dictates that any change no matter how small is a threat. Therefore, society has had long standing concept that being with the same sex is a threat to their perfect world, and change was out of the question.

The previous regulation on homosexuality did not leave much leeway for gays in the military. Admittance would often end up with dishonorable discharges in lieu of non-judicial punishment. Therefore, President Clinton saw the need to change the regulation and signed into effect the controversial executive order on October 7 1999, thus forever changing the United States Military.

Homosexual's have been harassed in the civilian sector, but nowhere like exists in the military community. With terms like "close combat, ranger buddy, and brothers in arms,"� the military defines that people will bond and work closely together as a unit. Having such a tight group creates similarity (i.e., same haircut, same attire, etc). With a homosexual in the group created a difference, being different was not acceptable in most units, thus the persecution and often expulsion from the military.

Once the executive order was signed, it...