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At Honda, dreams are what drive us. We got our start with an auxiliary engine-equipped bicycle in 1948, and have continued to deliver innovative products that contribute to the mobility of individuals and the well-being of society. We respect people and value their individual differences, and this has led to a free, vital corporate culture that encourages creativity. Today, Honda develops and produces its own original products and technologies for a diverse range of markets, from small power product engines to scooters and sports cars.

Honda has always sought to provide genuine satisfaction to people around the world. We are striving to deliver the products and services that customers in each locality want most. To ensure that we meet local needs, we go beyond establishing local sales networks; we have structured our operations so that many of our products are not only manufactured, but also developed in the regions where they will be used.

The result is over 120 manufacturing facilities in 29 countries outside of Japan, producing the motorcycles, automobiles, and power products that bring us into contact with over 15 million customers each year.

In 1973 Honda introduced Honda Generators, Tillers and Outboards into the U.S. market. Water Pumps were added to the Power Equipment lineup in 1975, followed by Lawn Mowers in 1979. Four years later, Honda Snowblowers were added to the product lineup. That same year the factory in Swepsonville, North Carolina was completed.

At the same time, Honda recognizes its social responsibility as a corporate citizen to be proactive in pursuing solutions to environmental and safety issues. We are working to reduce our impact on the global environment at all stages of our operations, from development and production to sales. By implementing policies to improve the efficiency with which we use energy and...