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Honesty Last year I saw something that shocked me. I was so flabbergasted when I read about a nationwide survey titled "The Day America Told the Truth" 93% of Americans admitted that they lie "regularly and habitually" at work and 35% admitted they have had or were currently having an affair which they were keeping secret from their mates. Lying is saying or withholding information in order to manipulate someone's opinion of you. The fact is that everyone lies. We are always telling some kind of story, building a case for ourselves and trying to put on a best face. We're trying to prove we're good little boys and girls and that we're knowledgeable. There's a popular quote that says, "Nobody is so sorrowful, like the one who desires to be something or someone different to what he/she is in body and soul." I accept as true that you'll be happier just by telling the truth.

One of my favorite quotes says: "friends hurt themselves with truth to not destroy each other with lies." I remember one time when telling the truth brought me some huge problems. It was the time of the infamous relation "hook-off." I decided to be honest with her. I dint love my girlfriend any longer. I knew there was no possible way to be completely honest with her without hurting her feelings. We see how telling the truth brings adversity sometimes. It can certainly bring pain and sorrow; we can even get into many dilemmas. Probably the most often used excuse for lying is "I didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings." But I promote you hurt people's feelings and stay with them past the hurt. Mutual honesty creates an intimacy not possible if you are hiding something for the sake of someone's feelings.

I unreservedly...