Honeymoon Is Over

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The Honeymoon is Over This article is about a 28 year computer programmer named Jennifer and a 28 year old elementary school teacher named David. Both Jennifer and David have careers where they are immensely interested in becoming upwardly mobile. Jennifer and David have been living as a married couple for two years. Recently their marriage has met a road block. The couple are constantly arguing about the life changing choice of whether or not to have a family. Jennifer is not sure she wants a family yet. She is satisfied with concentrating on her career right now and maybe thinking about a family later in life where her and her husband are more financially stable. David wants a family right now. He feels pressure to get his family life going because his younger brother got married and his wife is already expecting. He believes that he and his wife should have a child now instead of later because right now they are both young and full of energy.

Jennifer doesn't understand what the rush is, and David calls Jennifer selfish and states that she isn't thinking about anyone but herself.

In Structural Functionalism people are not good at dealing with change. They believe that males are the bread winners and females should stay at home. David strongly supports this Framework, he wants his bride to have a family and not concentrate on her career as much. While Jennifer strongly disagrees with this Framework. She wants to change her role and become the bread winner and concentrate on her career.

In Symbolic Interactionism there is emphasis on the active participation of people in creating their own destinies. They believe that life just doesn't happen you have to do something that will make it happen. This Framework also can be...