The Hopi Native American's

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The Hopi Native Americans

"The Peaceful Ones"

By: Sarah Mallory

The Hopi tribes live in small desert villages near phoenix Arizona. The Hopi's have six towns on three high mesas, and a seventh village shared with the Tewa Indians, Who call the Hopi,"The peaceful ones". Here is an insight of what a Hopi family is like through the eyes of me, son, brother and husband.

All of mine and my peoples daily life is part of our religion, and our belief is to help others improve their life. We have practically no sports or gambling. We're brown skinned, have broad flat noses, and large mouths and women are often plump. My family and others are divided by our mothers extended family, which is called clans. Each clan has a chief. The chief leads our people, supervises irrigation projects, and stamps out witch craft.

When my kids were born, my wife and I were over joyed that we were going to be able to participate in activities that will last for the rest of my child's life.

Newborns, during their first twenty days of life, are kept out of the sun in Hopi clans. Also infant's hair is washed, cornmeal is applied to the face and the infant is blessed with the Mother Corn. The infant is then ready to be presented to the relatives, the dawn and the Hopi spirts. After this ceremony is completed all families are invited to take part in a feast.

My children learned domestic skills from their mother. Boys learned to weave, while girls care for the infants, learn how to grind corn, weave baskets, and make pottery.

When my children reaches the age between sixteen and twenty they officially became adults. My daughter will participate in a corn grinding festival which will...