The Horse Dealer's Daugther's Analysis

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Reflection of In-Class Analysis I am really glad I picked this story "The Horse Dealer's Daughter" because I can really picture the characters and the setting. Also, it has a good plot to it. After reading this story, I immediately thought of the movie All the Pretty Horses. Penelope Cruz and Matt Damon can completely fit the roles of Mabel and Jack. I accepted the fact that she didn't tell anyone of her plans for the future, if indeed she had any. I believe if someone wants to keep her decisions to herself then go for it.

I am having problems understanding is the author's idea of love. What is his definition of love? I am struggling to figure that out. It seems to me that he can't decide whether he believes in love at first site or whether he believes in loving someone after you have to. I thought it was a little weird that they assume they love each other since Jack saves Mabel.

I think it was a little overbearing on her part to blurt out "Do you love me?" Was Jack saving her from committing suicide because her truly loved her or was he just a nice guy? There had been nothing special in his heart toward Mabel until that rescue. The factor of their love is questioned also. I am confused as to why Mabel thinks instinctively and then towards the end she thinks logically, yet with Jack it is just the opposite.

Another problem is that I am having trouble narrowing down the possible symbolism of the water. In my opinion it could be described as many different things, such as a cleansing or a trap or a state of confusion. Should I explain all the ways it can be symbolic or just...