The Hospital Sector Service Quality Dimension

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Nowadays, mostly servicing industries' focus is not just on financial indicators but it covers also non-financial indicators to take advantage of key internal and external opportunities and respond to these opportunities promptly. Service quality had been studied extensively by many researchers in relation to service organizations. Improving on service quality leads to customer satisfaction, promotes customer loyalty and gains customers' confident because servicing industry have high customer involvement. Parasuraman, Zeithamel and Berry, the 3 marketing professors from Texas A&M University had published a widely recognized set of service quality dimensions. Their 5 service quality dimensions are tangibles, service reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy (Foster S. T, 2004). These quality dimensions are being used in many firms that involved in the servicing sector to measure their company's quality performance.

One service industry that is facing continuing pressure to improve quality and has the fastest growing interest in quality is the health care industries.

Health care providers like the hospitals have been focus on quality for quite some time. In this report, we will look into the findings of the 3 marketing professors and with reference of the findings; we will explore and relate the quality dimension to the services offers in the hospital sectors.

The current environment for the hospital sectors contains many forces such as increased customer expectations, steeper competition and public sector agency pressures that demanded unprecedented levels of change. Hospitals are taking serious measures to improve their performance in

relation to their competitors. One of the efforts that they adopt is to improve is the quality of their services. This effort had significantly results in cost cutting of the hospital industries' expenses and higher customer satisfaction.


Tangibles include the physical appearance of the hospital's facilities, the equipments, the personnel, and the communication materials. In the hospital...