Hospitality of The Devil

Essay by final_fantasy August 2004

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Come on in.

Don't be afraid.

You might as well join the parade.

Don't worry I won't bite.

At the end of the tunnel is a bright light.

I can sense your fear all the way from over here.

Don't be alarmed because you're here to stay.

So all you can do now is pray.

What's inside here you ask.

No masks.

Just the real thing.

But what should you bring.


But please leave your happiness at the door.

You wont be needing it anymore.

Say my name.

For you will know it well.

I will be your keeper.

When you enter hell.

Don't look up there.

He won't help.

The things you've done.

And the things you do.

You know he doens't even like you.

Get off the floor.

And stop your crying.

You know its too late.

Your already dying.

Just give up and end your pain.

Just give in and say my name.

Your fates been sealed.

Your soul is mine.

You are my new toy.

Till the end of time.