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The college should provides magnificent residential facilities offering a comprehensive range of facilities within the college campus, separately for boys and girls. We should understand that most of our students are moving away from home for the first time, so we should strive to make the transition as smooth as possible by providing comfortable, safe and homely set-up within the campus. All the rooms have been designed to provide adequate moving space and ample air and light. The college should have a wide range of accommodation options and most students find that these options suit to their needs. There are rooms ranging from Standard Rooms to Luxury Apartments and students can take a room as per their convenience and choice.

Campus Facilities

The campus should consist a built-up area of about 23500 sq meters consisting of the Academic Block, Hostel Blocks, Faculty & Staff Residences, Guest Houses, Mess, Cafeteria, Tuck Shop, Gymnasium and other facilities. The open space of about 15,000 sq meters comprises of playground, Nursery and garden . The internal roads in the campus comprises of about 5500 sq meters area.

Hostel Facilities

Our endeavoured campus has Four Hostel Blocks - three in the campus and one off-campus Hostel accommodation only for Boys. The details of these hostel blocks are as under:

Boys hostel (Nalanda) having 212 number of furnished rooms and 58 furnished Common Rooms with a total covered area of approx, 5,600 sq. meters.

Girls hostel (Takshshila) with 212 furnished rooms and 58 furnished Common Rooms with a covered area similar to that of the boys hostel.

Girls Hostel (Gargi) with 27 Rooms and common lounges

Off- Campus Hostel accommodation for Boys at Vidya Vihar (Off-campus Hostel with similar facilities as existing in Campus Hostels) .

The following facilities have been provided in each hostel...