"Hostel" Movie Review

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"Hostel" is a new breed of graphic horror that starts you off easy enough, but then takes hold of you and never lets go until the very end. I've heard many people bashing this movie, saying that it is nothing but a mindless gorefest. Very true, but then why do people like the Friday the 13th movies? And the Halloween movies? In my humble opinion, I think this is one of the finest horror movies that I've seen in a long time.

Jay Hernandez(Friday Night Lights), Derek Richardson(Dumb and Dumberer) and Eythor Gudjonsson star in this movie about a couple Americans and a man hailing from iceland traveling in Europe and visiting hostels, which are lodges that offer escorts. After visiting a couple and having a good time, a man tells them of one that has the most beautiful women. The crew sets off for this supposed dream hostel the next day.

Something goes terribly wrong, however. After the first night, Oli(Gudjonsson) disappears and is nowhere to be found. The next night, Josh(Richardson) disappears, as well. We are only given a peek of what happens to them before Paxton(Hernandez) is taken to a dungeon-like place, where people pay good money to make others suffer.

If you're into a ton of gore and just skin crawling disgust, then this would be the movie for you. This is the first Tarantino movie that's not even the least bit able to poke fun at its low budget feel and excessive gore, though. It does accomplish its task of being a true "horror" movie, though...haven't seen anything that rates so high on the "disgust-o-meter" in a long, long while. It was so bad my wife actually went to the bathroom and apparently dry heaved for a couple minutes following a particularly nasty...