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Hot Air Balloons Brandon Barclay April 24, 2002 Mr. Craft Eng.IV Research Paper Outline Introduction: Part A: Explains the structure of the hot air balloon Part B: A historical background of the hot air balloon.

Part C: Goes over some the inventions and experiments done with the hot air balloon.

Conclusion: The closing summary of the paper.

Never having left the ground except by water, made the thought of air travel even scarier (Norgaard 21). Man being scared would bet the reason why a duck, a sheep, and a rooster, would become known as the first air travelers in history. The duck, the sheep and the rooster would complete the first travel in one of the first hot air balloons in history, and will have done it safely. Though, before any duck, sheep or rooster, people for years had dreamed of sailing the skies. The two Montgolfier Brothers would make this dream become reality.

This t reality was taken in by the average, but explored by the rich, the daring, and the modern day inventor (Garrison 13). The main facts and details of ballooning that will be covered are, the structure and make of the hot air balloon, a brief but factual history of the hot air balloon, and the different experiments and inventions done with the hot air balloon. So what makes the hot air balloon a significant is both unknown to many and is quite a interesting topic. The history and information to be explained here all started with a little hot air.

The knowledge of how the hot air balloon works and the structure of the hot air balloon is important to know for a better understanding of the history. For example ?Balloons are aerostats (static within the air)-once a balloon is aloft it moves in...