The Hot Spot (descriptive essay)

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It's Saturday Night, the night is young the people are live, the sky is black and the stars are shining serenely above. The air is filled with the smell of fresh air with a faint scent of beer teasing the taste buds. The clubs, the bars, the pubs and the movie theatre all packed with people scattered, running, rustling and traversing around like ants crowding around sugar. The lineup of people outside, dressed in different colors, different sizes, and different looks, looking like their stuck in morning rush hour traffic. People talking loudly, laughing profusely and looking as exultant as if the were on top of the world. The lights from their faces were so bright that they were dimming the stabbing neon fluorescent lights and billboard's everywhere. The mesmerizing smell of perfume fills the air, sometimes mind-boggling strong, sometimes tranquilizing to the senses of smell. The Sounds coming out of the clubs was horrendous, heart thumping, beat stopping, jaw dropping base from sound's of reggae, to hip-hop, to dance, to techno, and yes, even to the sound of pop at times.

You will also notice the public that are permanent residences of that scene and will come and ask for some change for coffee or will be looking to bum a cigarette. Somewhere in there bleary eyes, and torn clothes there is a story that probably no one knows and no one will ever know. No one knows exactly knows how many permanent residences like this there are. Many are there for different reasons, from drug addiction and spend all there money on drugs and can't hold there jobs due to their intoxication and therefore inability to perform, to many of that public with drinking problems and now have become drunkards and has put them also into a similar...