"The Hot Zone" about the Ebola virus

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Setting: Mount Elgon, Africa-Where they think the Ebola viruses originated from and spread to the monkeys. Reston Monkey House, Virginia-Where a shipment of monkeys from Africa was sent, soon after the monkeys arrived every monkey came down with the virus.

Characters: "Charles Monet"-A French man living in western Kenya. In January 1980, he starts dying of the Marburg after visiting the Kitum Cave in Mount Elgon.

Eugene Johnson- Civilian virus hunter working for the Army, who specializes in the Ebola virus. In the spring of 1988, following the death of "Peter Cardinal", he leads an Army expedition to the Kitum Cave in Mount Elgon.

"Peter Cardinal"- Danish boy visiting Kenya with his parents, within 2 days of visiting the Kitum Cave he starts coming down with the Marburg virus and dies 12 days later.

Dan Dalgard- Veterinarian at the Reston Monkey house.

Peter Jahrling- Civilian Army virologist.

Codiscoverer of the strain of virus that burns through the Reston Monkey house.

Dr.Joseph B. McCormick- Chief of the Special Pathogens Branch of the C.D.C. Treated human Ebola patients in a hut in Sudan, where he accidentally stuck himself with a needle that he had been using on an Ebola patient. He died 13 days later.

Before I start what is the...

Ebola Virus: Extremely lethal virus from the tropics, its exact origin unknown. It has three subtypes: Marburg-Known as the gentle sister, it affects humans somewhat like radiation, damaging virtually all of the tissues in their bodies. Marburg is an African organism, but it has a German name. Viruses are named for the place where they are first discovered. Marburg is an old city in Central Germany, surrounded by forests and meadows, where factories nestle in green valleys. The virus erupted there in 1967, in a factory called...