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For this paper I chose to take a stand on police corruption. Police corruption has been one of the top problems within our nation for quite a while and continues to be a growing problem to this day. Police officers are abusing their authority all over America and for the most part it is hurting us as a nation over all. Some corruption is not as bad as other corruption, but the central idea of a sworn in police officer violating the law when they are supposed to be enforcing it leaves people uneasy. At the end of the day, the individual officer has authority over the average citizen when necessary and the officers are violating people's constitutional rights every day. According to Roebuck's "social problems" (1974) There are several types of police corruption. One of the most common forms is known as corruption of authority. This is usually when an officer is receiving free benefits for their uniform.

They go to a convenient store and end up getting a lot more than what they paid for if they paid for anything at all. Some officers refer to kickbacks, in which they receive money in order to stop someone from preventing a service. Instances of kickbacks tend to occur when police are paid not to let a person's vehicle to be towed away. If I was a corrupted officer my line of work would be in opportunistic theft. This consists of officers stealing property from arrested suspects or dead bodies. I'm pretty sure that there are a few officers that have only committed an act of corruption when bribed by a rich person after getting pulled over for speeding. Accepting any type of bribery is known as a shakedown. As depicted in the movies a great deal of...