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Biography of JOHN IRVING

-John Winslow Irving was born on March, 2nd, in 1942 in Exeter New Hampshire, USA. His father was a prof of russian history and his mother was a nurse

-He was dyslexic before that particular learning disability had been identified by name. He says that he was an underdog and that he had to control the pace of everything

-He visited the Exeter Prep-School and in 1956, at the age of fourteen, he begins to write and to wrestle

-His stepfather, a Harvard graduate, taught history at the school

-He has studied at the university of New Hampshire

-He participates in a foreign study program. He studies in Vienna on the Institute for European Studies under Gunter Grass

-In 1965 he acquires the wrestling-licence

-1966 he his first son is born with his wife Shyla

-1967 he gets his first job as a teacher at the Windham College in Vermont

-1968 he publishes his first book Setting free the bears

-1976 he is 34 years old and this is the last time when he participates in a wrestling-tournament

-In 1977 he works as an assistant professor of English at the Mount Holyoke College in Massachussetts

-1978- his first success with his novel The world according to Garp which allows him to dedicate himself just on his work as a writer

-1982 he marries his new wife Janet Turnbull who is his agent

-In addition to his work as a writer he works as a coach of wrestling at the Vermont Academy.

He also coaches his sons Colin and Brendan

-1983 his son becomes the New-England-Champion

-1989 John Irving withdraws himself at the age of 47 as the wrestling-coach

-1991 birth of his third son Everett

-Today he lives in Vermont and Toronto


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