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Magic is the second oldest profession that exists today. It has not always been

accepted by the people. In medieval times people who were thought to practice magic were

sentenced to death. Around the mid 1900's magic began to serve as entertainment. Magic

is an ability that requires a lot of skill and patience. In this time it was very difficult to make

a living out of magic. There are many types of magic, some examples are : close up magic,

stage magic, mentalism, illusionism and escapism. The art of being an escape artist is

considered the most difficult type of magic to practice because it not only consist of a few

props and tricks but also involves physical ability. There has been one man that with hard

work and a special talent triumphed not only in close up and stage magic but as an escape

artist, his name... Harry Houdini.

Houdini op to now, is considered to be the greatest

magician ever to live.

Houdini was born on April 6th , 1874, in the small town of Appleton , in the State of

Wisconsin. His real name is Ehrich Weiss. His father was Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weiss, at

that time he received a salary of$750 a year, which was a very poor salary due to the fact

that he had seven kids and a wife. After his father quit his job, they moved to Milwaukee,

where they had a very tough time getting everyone to eat. Houdini's real never went to

school and he started working as an assistant with a magician. It was at this point where his

obsession for magic begun. He wasn't making enough money from this job so he quit due

to the fact that his father died. Houdini made his first appearance before...