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The company that we have chosen to write this Business-to-Business report about is Hooghoudt, one of the most representative companies of Groningen. We have chosen it because we all know the company and consume their products. This report was a good way of getting to know the company and to see what is necessary to run such an organization. We especially got to know the business-to-business side of the company and who are all involved during the process of the raw materials till the finished product.

It was not easy to get in contact with Hooghoudt as they do not have a lot of time spending with students to help them with their reports. Hooghoudt receives several requests to help students during the year to assist them with information for writing reports. After trying several times we have received some feedback from Hooghoudt, although not all information which we needed for the report was publicly open and some information is even secret.

Through extensive research we have found the information which was necessary to complete this report.

In the report you will read about Hooghoudt and its environment, including their products, customers, suppliers, and distribution channels. This report has three differentiated parts; the first one is about the principal activity of the company. We have described their products, the company, the raw materials and components necessary to develop their products, the suppliers of those raw materials and components, and we have also written about some possible new markets for the company and who could be their new customers.

The second part is about the commercial interactions of the company, and we have described the organization of the commercial department of one of their suppliers, how Hooghoudt has organised their purchasing department, their marketing department, how they choose their suppliers...