House On Mango Street

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THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET The main topic for this paper is what the sisters meant by telling Esparanza "When she leaves to remember to come back for the others" and what Esparanza feels about leaving. I think they meant that she's going to be strong enough to get out and she should come back and give the rest of the people the strength to get out too. At the beginning of the story you could tell she was going to make it out by the way she talks about her house and neighborhood she wished she had and the way she was embarrassed of her house now.

In some ways I think she would have came back for the others anyway because of the way she talked about how terrible it was. I think Cisneros might have gone through the same thing as a little girl because of how deep she goes in the story and with so much detail.

You could tell Esparanza wanted to be independent by the vignette A House of my own. How she said she wanted a house that was not her fathers house and not a mans house but a house of her own and the way she said she would fill the house with thing that were special to her like flowers, pillows, and Books.

I think that Esparanza will grow up to be a very good writer because she seems very dedicated to writing and says when she leaves it will be like a clean sheet of paper. It's kind of sad the way she wrote about her house at the end. She really expresses her love-hate relationship with the red house on Mango Street and all she has been through there. Aunt Lupe tells her writing will keep her free...