House On Mango Street

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The book I read was "The House on Mango Street." It was a very good book I think. But it was also very weird.

One thing that I didn't like about this book was how the chapters would just end out of no where. It would just be getting to a good part in that issue of the chapter and then it would go on to a whole new one. So that kind of made me a little upset. I guess I would make it a little more on going so you could find out what happened next.

Then there were also a lot of good issues in the book that kept my attention (at least for the time they talked about it). I would have to say though the one that kind of weirded me out was the one where the girl was on her first day at work.

It was at lunchtime and she had no one to sit with at lunch. So she went to the coatroom and ate lunch in there. Then while the shifts were changing this old man came in and sat next to her. She kind of looked at him weird but kept on eating. Then he began to talk to her about how it was his birthday and no one had given him a birthday kiss yet. So she decided that he seemed like a nice old man and she would give him a little kiss on the cheek. So as she went to lean in to give the old man a kiss he grabs her face and kisses her really hard on the lips. That is right where they end the chapter too. Now if you were me, wouldn't you like to know what happened next to that poor...