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House Panel Approves Electronic Surveillance Bill.

Don’t get surprised by hearing that even in the most Democratic Country such as USA, congress is coming up with some really communistic laws. Just a few days ago A U.S. House of Representatives Committee has approved a controversial bill that would broaden the U.S. government's ability to conduct electronic surveillance on U.S. residents by making it easier for federal law enforcement officials to get court-issued warrants on any national or foreigner that is suspected for terrorism signals. The Electronic Modernization Surveillance Act, opposed by several privacy groups, would also allow federal law enforcement officials to spy on U.S. residents for up to 90 days without a court order in the period after a terrorist attack. The House Judiciary Committee approved the legislation Last Wednesday by a 20-16 vote, with all Democrats present voting against the bill. On the other side we are seeing the Republicans saying it will help the U.S.

government fight terrorism. The bill will provide the U.S. intelligence agencies "greater agility and flexibility as they try to thwart our determined and dangerous terrorist enemies," Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin) said in a statement. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved three surveillance bills last week. The Center for Democracy and Technology, called the Wilson bill and the Senate's National Security Surveillance Act two of the worst bills now in Congress. Moreover continuing; "I worry that a lot of people are speaking out of fear," Bankston says. "You wouldn't want government cameras installed in your bedroom or your bathroom, not because you're doing anything wrong there, but because there are areas of our lives that should be private."The reason I picked this article is because invading a human’s privacy to me is equally as leaving in a communist regime. If Freedom is...