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GUESTS AND HOUSE RULES 1. Use your own discression, no spaz guests that will break anything or do anything stupid. If they break something, or something goes wrong, YOU are fully responsible for everything.

2. Each guest is responsible for bringing a case of booze or a bottle of candy every time they come.

3. If someone has something special (birthday, etc.) going on, and would like to bring a couple people up for the week or weekend, that is fine, but you must send out an email to everyone to make sure there will be no conflicts.

4. If you bring a guest, all other housemates are given the available rooms first. Then if there are extra rooms, you and your guest can use them. But, that is if and only if the other rooms are not taken. Similarly, the pull-out couches and stuff also go to housemates, then to you, then to the guests.

5. Also, if there is ever a conflict between a housemate and a guest, that guest is never welcomed again. Even if the housemate was wrong and being a dick!!! 6. If your guest leaves a mess, you are to clean it before you go. If not, they are not welcome to come back and you are not able to bring anymore guests.

7. Guests that are loud in the morning and late at night (whenever people are sleeping) will not be tolerated. They should not have to be asked to be quiet. If they do have to be asked by someone else, they will not be able to come back to the house after that night/morning.

8. If multiple people bring up guests, there will be a lottery each night to see who will get the extra rooms if the are any.

All rules must be followed all the time.