Housekeeping Management for Serenity Hotel

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Serenity Hotel 4*

Housekeeping Department Plan

The Serenity Hotel , which will open to the public in the near future, is a high-standard four star hotel located in the beautiful island of Bora Bora , an institution with the desire of meeting and exceeding guest expectations ,that seeks to offer high quality services , making an unforgettable experience for the guests.

In order for the hotel to function properly , all the departments must be very well organized ; thus , the Housekeeping Department , representing one of the key points in an hospitality institution , must be at the highest achievable level of service.

A department in such a demanding instution may be functional and may bring the expected results only if all the structural aspects are taken seriously into consideration. So, when making reference to Housekeeping , one must take into account everything related to human resources, managerial activities, laundry , environmental-friendly policies, and budgeting.

Firstly , for the work to be done efficiently and correctly , it is mandatory for the staff to be consisted of experienced persons - thus , the whole process of recruitment must be done attentively , in order to be sure that the chosen persons are the ideal candidates for the job. Job postings will appear on the internet and in employment agencies, after the job analysis, job description and job specification will be accurately settled. Due to the hotel capacity (150 rooms), there will be needed 6 room stewards/maids with minimum 2 years of experience in the field, 1 room inspector (with a minimum experience of 5 years) , 2 assigned personnel members which will handle the outdoor and hallways sanitation , and 9 staff members in the Laundry (for cleaning, drying and ironing).

Secondly , after having the confirmation that...