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What is the author's point of view? (20 points)

The author's point of view on this subject matter is different from what is expressed in the text book. The author focusing on the type men fighting the revolution much more than the text book does. As I read the selection I found it focused highly on the fact that the men fighting really didn't know what they were fighting for. The author's point of view is for the revolution but expresses a deeper, more defined reason as to why the men were fighting.

How does this interpretation of the Revolutionary War differ from the version found in the textbook? What points does Zinn emphasize? What points does the textbook emphasize? Provide three specific points from both sources. Provide citations for all three points found in the textbook (-5 points for each missing citation). (40 points)

This interpretation focusing much more on the men and their reasons for fighting the Revolutionary War. Zinn emphasizes the fact that the militias and American armies were mainly made up of men who fought for no reason that resembles freedom from the British. Zinn quoted "The men who first joined the colonial militia were generally hallmarks of respectability or at least of full citizenship." He uses this to show that the militias were originally made of somewhat honorable, respected men high in their society. As Zinn goes on in his explanation he also quotes this, "Revolutionary America may have been a middle-class society, happier and more prosperous than any other in its time, but it contained a large and growing number of fairly poor people, and many of them did much of the actual fighting and suffering between I775 and 1783." As Zin gets deeper in his explanation he tells us that the poorer...