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How to set up the table How to pick a used plate from a table and to the kitchen " STEPS KEYPOINTS 1) Always asked if the customer is done. ~ Put a smile on your face and ask gently ~ Try to put your friendly voice ~ Make sure that the customer had been stop eating approximately 6 - 10 minutes.

2) Always pick the plate from the left hand side of the customer. ~ Try not to touch the customer.

~ Give a gap on your distance from the customer approximately 2 inches.

3) Pick up plate in appropriate way. ~ Plate should be gripped firmly to avoid accident.

~ Stretch your hand when you are picking up the plate.

4) Flex fore arm approximately 45 *. ~ By doing this, you will feel comfortable of carrying the plate.

~ Try to minimize your space.

5) Bring the plate to the kitchen.

~ Careful when you are handling the empty plates.

~ Since it's empty, sometimes people won't care that much when handling the empty plates.

6) Put the empty plate on the appropriate place. ~ Don't just dump the plates.

~ Put it down gently and let the kitchen hand handle it.


" Instructors sectional plan " Introduction ~ Welcoming the person/trainee (3 minutes) Hi I'm Terry and I'll be showing you the right way whenever you're picking up a plate from the customer's table. There will be 6 simple steps for you to follow. And talking about simple, it's really-really simple.

KEYPOINTS TRAINING AIDS TIME 1) Always ask if the customer is done.

~ Hello sir/madam, can I clear your table now? ~ You should ask the customer first so that they won't get disturbed Plates, table, chair, customer 10 minutes 2) Always pick the plate from the left hand of the customer.

~ By doing this, it showed that the restaurant that you work for had it own standards. 3) Pick the plate in an appropriate way ~ Put he plate firmly on your palm.

~ This is to make sure that it won't fall. 4) Flex your fore arm approximately 45 *.

~ Why should we flex our forearm? ~ By doing this, you'll feel much more comfortable in carrying the plates. 5) Bring the plates to the kitchen ~ Make sure you mind your steps. Why? ~ Accident might happened 6) Put the plates in an appropriate place.

~ We should put it in an appropriate place so that the place looks clean and they won't be any hazardous Conclusion ~ Asked the trainee whether they'd understood you well or not. (3 mins) Terence Terry Back to Message Yahoo! Personals - Where millions of singles meet Address Book • Auctions • Autos • Briefcase • Calendar • Careers • Chat • Classifieds • Finance • Games • Geocities • Greetings • Groups • Kids • Mail • Maps • Member Directory • Messenger • Mobile • Movies • Music • My Yahoo! • News • PayDirect • People Search • Personals • Photos • Radio • Shopping • Sports • TV • Travel • Warehouse • Weather • Yellow Pages • more...

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