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The Future of Hewlett-Packard

As you know, I have recently completed a comprehensive look at our company to asses the needs of our employees and what steps need to be taken in order to ensure the growth of our business. For HP to grow, there are three key areas that need to be addressed. One, how we do business; Are we becoming too diversified around the world and therefore becoming weaker in the market. Two, the changes of how HP manages its business; Have we become too relaxed in our approach to instilling values in the company. Three, the HP Way; How have we changed from the ideologies of our founders Hewlett and Packard.


How we do business. We find HP to be a force to be reckoned with. For the last ten years, HP's net revenue has climbed each year. But now, we find ourselves slowing down. This means that we have had to put more efforts into marketing than our R&D.

These efforts have made us change from a reacting strategy to an innovative strategy. This has made us churn out product that will be either replaced or revamped in only a few short years. There is a sense that we've sacrifice our current business to get into new business. This has given the employees an uneasy feeling of how HP is planning for the future if the products always are changing.

How HP manages its business. HP has become too relaxed in the approach on how we manage our business units and ourselves. The information that supports this issue revolves around a specific event rather than over a period of time. I have been reviewing the company satisfaction surveys and they show a dramatic decrease in overall contentment with the leadership of our business. I noticed...