HR and Stress

Essay by chrisrae0310 July 2004

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No matter the depth of a company, it will always have the inherent need for human resources. It is safe to say that without manpower, our company would not exist. Recognizing not only the need for people, but more importantly, the need for skilled, efficient and loyal employees has been a key turning point in defining the role of the HR professional. Then, the increase in technology associated with workplace production has increased the stress level for workers in our company.

Our HR professionals work in a wide variety of capacities as mediators, mentors, job analysts, and career planners - to name a few. However, perhaps some of the most important and challenging functions of HR professionals are directly related to the recruitment, selection, training, and appraisal of the company's employees. It is up to HR manager or management team to create processes in recruiting, training, and appraising its staff in such way that is contingent with the values, vision, and culture of the company.

It has been a challenge for the HR department since the company is constantly acquiring and merging together forming whole new identities at an exponential rate this past four years. In dealing with the ambiguity of the corporate world HR realize that it is not singular performance of each and every HR function that will assure the best human resources for their department, it is an alignment and integration of all of the HR functions that create an environment that empowers and encourages employee growth, competency, and loyalty.

There art two main components of the staffing function, which are the recruitment and selection of potential employees. Recruitment, which involves all actions in attracting applicants from both inside and outside the company, is one of the most pivotal roles of the HR personnel. The bottom line...