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1.0 Introduction

The specific objective of this report was to identify methods used to measure, monitoring and enhancing staff performance in one private organisation. The organisation to be analysed is the ABB Banking group. ABB is one of the largest banking and financial services group in the world. The location focused on is ABB (M) Limited based in Malaysia.

1.1 Statement of Authorisation

Young Service Advisory had received a requisition from the Director of Human Resources Management of ABB (M) Limited, to perform a review and provide a status report on the implementation of performance management. The Bank has provided a "Letter of Authorisation" to a senior consultant of EY to conduct the review.

1.2 Purpose of the Report

ABB group in August 2000 implemented the Managing for Value program to prepare and equip the bank to face the future as well as to stay ahead of its competitors. The critical component of the program is human resource.

The bank is aware that it would not exist if it was not for the dedicated and committed employees, and to ensure continuity it launched the ABB Performance Management Program (APMP).

The purpose of this study is to provide a status report on the implementation of APMP. The specific objective was to identify methods used to measure, monitor and enhance staff performance.

1.3 Methodology

A qualitative methodology was chosen for this study. Primary data consist of two sets of self-administered questionnaires obtained from employees of different levels of the hierarchy consisting of non-clerical, clerical, junior executives and supervisors. The details of the questionnaires are appended in Appendix I, II & III. The questionnaires were adopted from the book titled Managing Performance Appraisal Systems written by Gordon Anderson. Apart, from the questionnaire, documentation i.e. periodic Human Resources reports, appraisal documents,