HR Change Management

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HR Change Management


Coping with change is the single biggest challenge facing organisations today. The pace of technology innovation, the speed of information flow, and the ability to copy, adapt, and enter new markets or implement alternatives, is now at a pace far greater than ever before. Adaptive organisations and adaptive leaders are those who will survive the next decade. It won't all happen at once it will take time, but people at the coalface will become more influential over their outputs because you want to keep the costs down, maintain flexibility, and there will be less of them. Traditional boundaries between departments will change shape, as the growth in project-based deliverables becomes the dominant way organisations will operate.

Significant change takes 2- 4 years to bed down, can you wait this long, is there something else you should be doing? The secret is early wins, collect the low hanging fruit, keep the faith, and keep measuring progress.

Change is complex and time consuming. It is often given to HR to implement with no additional resources or skill enhancements; to be accomplished alongside the day job. Change is predominantly about people, and HR do not own the people, the whole organisation and its management do.

Change affects all organisations. It is a constant element in the world of business and if an organisation wishes to be successful then it needs to adapt readily to changes, foresee potential moves and plan for them and create a culture within the organisations that allows for successful change. The pressures for change can come from within an organisation or from outside it. Any change will affect an organisation; however, the management of the change can have a direct influence on whether these effects are positive or negative.

The rate of change today is...