This is a HR paper. Title/ Description: Benifit, Compensation, Incentive Package for a new recruit.

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Melissa Baldan


Unit 4 IP

Prepared for Prof. Hannon

March 11, 2005

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Dear Mr. Richards,

Congratulations on being selected for the position of Electrical Engineer with Electrical Engineers R Us (EERU). Your employment start date is March 12, 2005. You will have the following responsibilities:

1.Developing electrical plans.

2.Designing electrical systems.

3.Supervising personnel.

4.Final review and approval or rejection.

5.Formulating language for projects (

Your compensation package will consist of:

1.Guaranteed salary from the actual start date of employment.

2.Annual salary of $73,900, to be paid bi-weekly, $2842.30.

3.Benefits starting upon completion of a 90 day probation period.

Effective May 31, 2005, you will transition to the EERU compensation plan. Descriptions of the benefits are contained in the following pages.

There are many factors to be included in the compensation/ benefits/ incentive packages. Much information needed to determine your value has been excluded from your profile.

In order to determine your value, some information has been assumed such as: Specific computer software skills (MS office, assembler, Windows NT/2000/XP Networking, Windows 3.x, 95/98/ME/XP), and certifications. If it is found that you have more skills, then, after the 90 day evaluation period, your base pay will increase depending on the additional skills you demonstrate.

Welcome to the EERU team,

Melissa Baldan

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Compensation and Incentives Package

Above and beyond employees regular salary the following compensation/ incentives will be provided:

1) Merit pay raises will be awarded annually.

a) If it is deemed that the employees' performance is outstanding he/she will receive an annual pay increase of 5.5%.

2) Educational pay increases.

a) If the employee gains any new certifications or degrees pertaining to his/her job duties, a pay increase will be giving to the next...