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1. Company OverviewMAS Linea Aqua is a joint venture between MAS Holdings, the world's leading manufacturer of high end swimwear; the Speedo International Limited - UK and Brandot International, a US based Investment Company. Based in Giridara, Kapugoda in Gampaha district; Linea Aqua is the first exclusive swimwear manufacturer in Sri Lanka.

Linea Aqua is a Strategic Business Unit of MAS Holdings and is belonging to Active cluster of the group, but it operates very independently compared to other SBUs in the Active group. Linea Aqua has its own "cut and sew" plant and all other functions related to production and logistics.

1.1 Vision"To be the number one swimwear manufacture in the world"1.2 MissionWe are the preferred partner to the leading swim brands by providing "design to delivery" solutions.

We work towards the betterment of our community and the protection of the environment.

We are a passionate team constantly reviewing and challenging our process, recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance.

We believe our strength is enhanced by strong partnerships with our suppliers.

We are committed to providing our shareholders with exceptional value.

2. Business StrategyThe company's business strategy is based on differentiation plus focus strategy where high quality products are manufactured to high end consumers. To materialize the strategy, the company has strategic alliances with its customers who hold world renowned brands such as Victoria Secret, Speedo, Land's End, Marks & Spencer, Ann Taylor etc. and high quality raw material suppliers (Refer Appendix A). This strategy enables the company to demand premium prices with a substantially high profit margin when compared with the general industry. Following are the key facts about the company's business strategy;•Limit the service to five to six customers.

•Balance exports between US and UK and thereby not to rely on US or UK market individually.

•Reduce lead-times...