HR Project Overview

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HR Project Overview

Michael Vasaturo

Human Resource Management HRM/565

University of Phoenix

Kenneth Sawitzke

May 14, 2007

HR Project Overview

This paper will identify potential challenges or opportunities that may arise over the 18-week process of developing a human resource project. This project incorporates research conducted over 15 weeks and involves three areas, human resource management, employee motivation, compensation, and a seminar in HR management.

The first six weeks will identify potential human resource challenges, develop a recruitment plan, and introduce an employee development and retention plan. During this course, some challenges may include access to HR processes and policies and the limited access to the materials due to the sensitivity that the material may contain. Locating research that is relevant to the home improvement industry recruiting process may prove to be a challenge. Being able to identify trends and issues that relate directly to recruiting in this industry will be challenging at best due to limited access to available recruiting policies and procedures.

Designing an effective employee career and employee relations program will be challenging since I have not had any experience in this procedure before.

The second six weeks involve an industry audit, identifying and assessing the total rewards system and its compliance with state and federal regulations and developing a strategy that will influence the organization's future direction with employee compensation and motivation. The challenges involved during this phase of the HR project involves identifying key challenges, knowing what the five elements of the home improvement's total rewards system includes, along with state and federal regulations that ensure compliance for the industry.

The final six weeks involves assessing HR issues that would be involved in a merger within the home improvement industry and preparing an executive briefing. Challenges faced here...