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ZB6533: Human Resource Management

Prepared for: Dr. Mohmad Adnan Bin Alias

MBA Semester I 2013/2014

Group Assignment

Compensation in Sime Darby Berhad from payroll perspective

Prepared by: Alnisa Min Fadlillah ZP01450

Muhammad Nur-A-Alam ZP01760

Norhayati Binti Salleh ZP01228

Nahid Miri ZP01754

Zohreh Bagherizadeh Ashari ZP01782

Ashari kamil ZP01076

1 Introduction

Employee compensation is define as all form of pay going to employees which arising from their employment and could be in the form of direct financial payments and indirect financial payment (Dessler, 2013, p. 378)�.

There are two basic ways to make direct financial payment to employees based on increments of time or based on performance. This concept of payment method is applied by Sime Darby Berhad. Normally, Non-executive employees mostly consist of Blue-collar, operation workers, and clerical workers are paid based on time-based pay method.

Non- Executive workers normally required to work overtime. This is due to cater with the high workload during specific time.

For example, normally clerical worker need to work overtime at the end of the year in order to close the account or to finish any unsettled work before they start new task at the beginning of the year. Overtime work is normal in Sime Darby since the workload among Non- Executives workers seem inconsistent throughout the month and year. The workload could be very low at the beginning of the month, but it turn to be so much work to do at the end of the month.

For example, compensation team under Human Resource Department will be at ease at the beginning of the month because all of business units will send all compensation instruction or they called "movement" in the middle of the month. Therefore, started from middle of the month on ward compensation processing team will get busy. During this...