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Roles and Responsibilities of A Human Resource Manager

We all know that the most important resources in a business are the employees. That is why managing the human resources, or employees, in an organization is a very significant job and carries with it a lot of responsibilities that include recruiting and interviewing new employees, hiring and firing, training, salaries and benefits, and lastly conflict mediation. To assist with writing this paper, an interview was conducted with Mr. Ahmed Samir, HR Manager of Chili's in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Mr. Samir stated that the main job of an HR manager is to oversee all the aspects of employee development and making sure that the organization is staffed with well-trained and competent workforce. A human resource manager's responsibilities might differ from one day to another, but generally the manager serves as the go-to person when it comes to employees' activities or complaints.

As mentioned above, one of the responsibilities of an HR manager is to recruit and interview prospective employees. An HR manager works exclusively with higher management to make sure that prospective employees are qualified and positioned in the appropriate division. When a job opens up, an HR manager is responsible for developing a job description and promoting for the new position. They are also responsible for performing background checks and contacting references. Another main task of an HR manager is hiring and firing decisions. If a new worker is hired, a human resource manager is responsible for setting up the required paperwork and contract. Additionally, when an employee is fired, an HR manager is responsible for issuing a final paycheck and other appropriate arrangements. The manager also makes sure to take the employee's access code or keys before the...