HR Roles and Responsibilities.

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Human resources (HR) is a broad term that is used to cover a wide selection of activities. Some of the work that HR personnel perform at XXX include everything from hiring and firing employees, creating organizational charts and shaping corporate culture after a merger or acquisition, managing employee communications, settling employee disputes, creating benefits programs, navigating government regulations, dealing with legal issues such as sexual harassment and occupational safety, and setting up policy and programs for measuring performance, compensating, recognizing, and training employees (XXX Intranet, 2005). HR professionals must be able to align the operational needs of managers with the mission and organizational goals of the business and must be able to communicate effectively with operational level managers to influence, analyze, and supply expected staff needs. HR professionals must be able to establish priorities for staffing needs and must be able to balance the requirements of line managers against the organizational goals to ensure staffing growth is consistent with the overall organizational objectives (Careers in Human Resources, 2006).

"In other words, HR doesn't consist of a single activity or function but a huge network of them; basically, HR refers to everything related to the employer-employee relationship" (Connolley, 2004).

Human Resources are a very important key to the success of a company by connecting in with the organization's objectives and business strategy. HR maintains a healthy work environment between company policies and individuals. However, the role of HR is continuing to change and adapt. Long considered a support role, HR executives are now taking on an increasingly active role in meeting the competitive demands of today's corporate world. Companies like XXX and other corporations have had to change with the current demands of diversity in the work place, technology, and ethics (Connolley, 2004). Globalization has also complicated the HR role since...