HR Roles and Responsibilities

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Human Resources professionals have a unique position in the organization. The HR representative services all the company employees as their customers. This can be challenging considering that these are the people we see and interact with daily. HR employees essentially take on dual roles as client service representatives as well as company staff members. Therefore it is imperative that HR employees maintain good working relationships with their customers.

Human Resources has evolved over the years into much more than the people involved with hiring, firing, benefits, training, and compensation policies. HR handles very sensitive information involving employee's medical data, earnings, and job performance. One slip of the tongue could cost the company a lawsuit. The HR representative must practice a strict code of ethics to appropriately deal with privileged details acquired in carrying out their job duties. Now the constantly expanding business marketplace is forcing HR employees to become skilled in globalization needs, technology advancements, diversity issues, e-business, and worldwide ethics.

GlobalizationTechnology and the popularity of the internet have produced unlimited expansion opportunities for organizations into international markets (Meisinger, 2004). Globalization has created rivalries among businesses on an international scale. Companies world wide are competing against each other for the same business. The struggle extends to acquiring skilled personnel on an international level (Lesser, 2006). This emerging, diversified workforce requires highly competent management leaders adept in operating among a variety of competitors. Meisinger states, "Expertise in global HR will become a necessity if you want to advance your career and contribute to your company's success" (2004, para. 6).

TechnologyThrough technology communication barriers are removed. The internet has made near instant interactions a reality. As technology advances and ways of communication improve, so do international business opportunities (Ulrich, 1997). Technology brings businesses and advances to remote, weak areas where organizations would...