HR Roles and Responsibilities

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With the expansion in globalization, rapid need for technology, and increased diversity, human resources management has certainly changed in response. Companies need to ensure that they are constantly evolving and changing strategies to keep up with their respective industries and remain competitive.

GlobalizationOver the past decade, American corporations from all industries have experienced the turmoil from downsizing, outsourcing, reorganization, and globalization in order to remain competitive in various industries, save money, and ultimately to become more successful. In the modern market, as the dust begins to settle, business leaders have begun to examine the next level of competitive advantage, which is one of human resources. Human resources is quickly becoming one of the solutions for helping organizations deal with a rapidly changing competitive landscape and meeting the growing demands to better serve customers, differentiate themselves from competitors, and to deliver value to the bottom line. More often today, companies are reaching out for opportunities overseas to maximize their dollars and maintain or increase quality.

With that, human resources has played a big role of managing travel arrangements for the company, educating employees on safe travels and the culture of the visited countries, and even sourcing human resource functions to overseas offices.

TechnologyTechnology for human resources has evolved for trying to find qualified candidates. The strategies that companies can use to obtain resources are vastly improving on the Internet because there is more connectivity to more people in more locations (Internet Wire, 2002). Internet technology allows companies to establish a relationship with the applicant while applying on-line for a position. A prospective employee is able to tailor his or her requirements and customize his or her needs by answering a few questions. This technology also helps companies to weed out the wrong person for the job, which saves the...