HR Roles and Responsibilities

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There so many factors as to why the business reaches its objectives--there is the capital, the management, the work force, and many others. However, in any company, the most considered assets would be the employees. These companies rely on their workers to achieve their goals. Thus, the employees need to be kept happy, well trained, enthusiastic, efficient, and out of trouble. As business expands and grows, the labor relationship grows more complex and demanding--this is where the human resource (HR) manager and officers come in. The human resource departments in certain companies are responsible for stimulating and communicating with their employees.

Human resource staffs are increasing their scale when it comes to searching for talent. Globalization has enabled Human resource professionals to seek candidates from around the world. This trend towards globalization brings up several new factors to consider when hiring employees. Human resource must take into consideration differences in culture and business practices.

It would be a mistake to send someone who has been an excellent manager in one country to a brand new country and expect him to be as successful as he was in his own country. Before selecting employees to work in another country, Human resource must take into consideration the employee's ability to understand and respect the cultural and business norms of the host country. In addition, even hiring at home may involve selecting employees from other countries. (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, 2007).

Information technology as related to human resources focuses on access to employees skill sets and competencies across regions and as far reaching as nations in an effort to find the best fit for current personnel, potential hires, to resolve staff shortages and to move resources around in efforts to maximize the firm's financial viability (Abouseif, 2005). As firms have begun moving...