HR Roles and Responsibilities Paper

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HR Roles and Responsibilities Paper

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HR Roles and Responsibilities Paper

"HR should be defined not by what it does but by what it delivers…results that enrich the organization's value to customers, investors and employees." (Ulrich, 1998, pg. 29, para. 3). The roles and responsibilities of today's HR professionals go beyond setting up job interviews, maintaining timesheets, and answering questions about company benefits. This paper begins with a description of basic HR responsibilities and roles, and continues by addressing the constant changing roles and responsibilities of today's HR management. Some challenges encountered by HR management in the 21st century are the internet, talent management, technology and globalization. Today's HR management has a greater role in the decisions of an organization and the success of a company.

Basic HR Practices, Responsibilities and Roles

No two HR departments have identical roles mainly due to the reason that no two organizations are alike; resulting in HR responsibilities and roles varying from industry to industry, and company to company.

In some organizations the HR department plays a more strategic role by having operations, financial and sales responsibilities. The size of an organization is also another factor; typically one HR staff member per every 100 associates (Noe, Gerhart, & Wright, 2004). Most HR departments support two basic responsibilities; establish and administer personnel policies, and ensure labor laws compliance. (Noe, Gerhart, & Wright, 2004).

Other basic HR responsibilities are planning and appraisal, hiring, career planning, and pathing, compensation/ recognition and other rewards (Human Resource Practices Development Team, 1997). Planning and appraisal are ways for an organization to set goals and provide individual and/or team performance evaluations. Hiring is the practice of defining a job with the goal of finding a qualified...