HR as a Strategic Business Partner

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The role of the human resource manager is always changing. A strategic partnership with human resource is the up most important piece to the success for a company. Too fully to comprehend the importance of human resources as a strategic business partner within an organization, companies should research how they can align with one another to become a strategic business. Human resources can contribute to a company's competitive performance when they are a strategic business partner with the company.

A strategic partnership is two companies using one another to conduct business but do not develop internally. One common strategic partnership is between a manufacturer and a distributor. These two companies will form a close relationship to advertise market, brand the products, develop new products, and other business functions. Another type of a strategic partnership involves a firm or inventor to create new ideas. This type of firm will team up with a company that provides engineering and manufacturing.

In these types of cases, these companies need each other in order to succeed.

Car manufacturers will often team up with record labels to promote a new vehicle. They will sometimes pay the record company to use their vehicle in an upcoming video. They might also offer to pick up a share of the cost to shoot the video. These types of partnerships usually last a long time. In turn, the car company will have advertisement at a lower cost than shooting a commercial or doing advertising on their own. This is a "reason" why companies from partnerships. It will help them develop and manufacture their product. In addition, it will decrease the cost that a single company will have to pay to promote their product.

Human resource management (HRM) in an organization is a very critical part to the overall success...