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BUSM 1139 Assessment Information

Assessment Tasks

Task 1: Critical Analysis of HRD Case - 2500 word Individual Essay (50%)

Due: Friday, 5 September, 2014, Week7 at 1700 (SingaporeTime)

The task - Case Analysis

Drawing from theories and models that inform adult and organisational learning, critically evaluate the case and make recommendations for action.

The purposes of this essay:

research one or more key aspect/s of foundational human resource development theory and

link these ideas and concepts to the key issues that you identify in the case.

Students should note that this assessment task requires a critical and evaluative stance. Those who are unsure about how to take a critical and evaluative stance should visit the RMIT Study and Learning Centre website ( A critical evaluation requires that the writer knows enough about the topic to be able to make informed comment and to apply judgement; therefore evidence of depth of research is important.

Assessment criteria and their indicative weighting are:

Analysis of the case - identify critical aspects of the case (6)

Critical review of appropriate HRD models, concepts or theories (12)

Evaluation and recommendations (14)

Clarity of writing (6)

Appropriate acknowledgement of sources (4)

Overall coherency and quality (8)

Assessment will be undertaken with reference to the 'course grade requirements' table listed later in this section.

Note: During the intensive teaching period at the end of January 2014 a number of interactive and formative tasks will be held. You can use these to

assess your progress especially in terms of key literature about adult and organizational learning

identify your strengths and weaknesses regarding analysis of literature.


NOTE: Task 2 has two components - Component A and Component B

Task 2 Component A Group Facilitation Exercise (20%)

Due as arranged.

The purpose...