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Table of contents:

Table of contents:

Introduction 3

Methodology 4

Responsibilities and Roles of the Human Resource in the Company 4

The Possibility of HR to be Connected with the Other Departments 5

The Status of HR with the Board of Directors of Different Companies 6

Issues With Regards to the Present Human Resource Department 7

Evaluating and Measuring Human Resource Management 11

Conclusion 12



There are so many factors as to why the business reaches its objectives--there is the capital, the management, the manpower, and many others. However, in any company, the most considered assets are its employees. These companies rely on their workers to achieve their goals. Thus, the employees need to be kept happy, well trained, enthusiastic, efficient, and out of trouble. As business expands and grows, the labor relationship grows more complex and demanding--this is where the human resource (HR) manager and officers come in.

The human resource departments in certain companies are responsible for stimulating and communicating with their employees.

The tasks that the HR department covers are so complex and so vital in a company. The indicated tasks are not the only tasks that the HR departments are into. There is even a need for their responsibilities to be intertwined with the other aspects of the company; it should be intertwined with the strategies being implemented in the business. Human resource activities in a company must directly support business strategy as well as the satisfaction of customers and employees needs. The tasks of human resource are getting complicated each day; the jobs in the human department should never be underestimated. The tasks of the HR include leading and implementing different changes in the company.

At present, the human resource department has been considered crucial in every organization. There is a great...