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Implementing Change Report




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Implementing Change Report

This report will help Kudlers Fine Foods in upgrading the application of a modification within the organizations sales division. The report consist of five stages in implementing change that include,

Stage one - managing and evaluating the change procedures, study the measurement and observation devices, and which methods to use.

Stage two- monitoring the modification process for control over the modification procedures for expected possibilities for changes within the organization.

Stage three - recognizing at risk divisions of the modification procedure open to modification resistors including the reasons for methods that will overcome the resistors the organization needs change.

Stage four - explanation and advantages of the methods used in the organization's practices of improving the modification.

Stage five - discussions on how the methods used in the modification can affect the organization's practices.

Changes to Implement

Kudler's Fine Foods sales division actions relating to the sale of wine, sale of exceptional food items, and customer's registering for the Kudlers wine appreciation courses are unsatisfactory.

A potential modification is under consideration that will offer extra training to the current sales reps in the sales department. Additional training will inform sales employees of the issues the department is issues facing on item considered exception to the organization. The training is mandatory and every employee in the sales division must attend. In addition to training, it is important for management to implement a bonus pay structure. This will help to motivate employees to do his or her best in ensuring the sales in wine and exceptional food items increase and influence consumers register for Kudlers Fine Foods wine appreciation courses.

The Kudlers Fine Foods organization believes in receiving precise modifications appealing, effective, and beneficial to the company as well as its...